Breakfast at My House

Breakfast at my house is always an experience…I have three cats who love Cheerios (which happen to be my favorite breakfast, too). Princess Buttercup started the tradition of watching me eat and trying to grab the Cheerios as they headed to my mouth, then Oliver Twisted (aka the Manatee) joined in the fun. Now, Smudge feels left out if she isn’t there, too. Breakfast just doesn’t feel right anymore if I don’t have my audience! Butter and Ollie would gladly eat the whole bowl, with or without milk – that’s how much they love their Cheerios. Smudge, on the other hand, is satisfied with just a bit of the milk – she’s not quite so Cheerio-obsessed (that and the other two cats won’t let her have their yums); she’d definitely rather be out chasing chipmunks and birds anyway. Last March, the new puppy, Madigan, joined the group. While Madders would probably love to dive into the bowl of Cheerios, the cats tend to “Cheerio-block” her – they won’t even let her get close enough to beg! However, she has learned that there is something so much better than Cheerios, something the cats don’t like, so they just let her have all that she wants – COFFEE!!!! Yep, my dog loves coffee – is that weird? She discovered coffee in the first month after I brought her home when I set a cup down on the end table beside me and held her in my lap. She sniffed it out, I put some on my finger so she could taste it, and she has been obsessed ever since. Now, I don’t give her much – we’re talking about, like, two tablespoons or so. But she will dance and spin and even sit for coffee. Madders doesn’t beg at the dinner table; the only “people food” she actually begs for is coffee. (Although, she does like fruit, too – I learned that when I was making fruit salad and she was cleaning up my mess!) My other dog, Fancy (she came with the name), is a 19-year-old Queensland Heeler, who would (and generally does) eat anything that lands near her mouth. However, at this point in her life, she spends the vast majority of her time sleeping (and who could blame her – she’s like 120 or something in dog years!), so she’s not usually in the breakfast crowd. But when she does manage to mosey over to the breakfast table, everyone else kind of steps aside. She’s the only thing that can make the cats move away from Cheerios. She’s like the Godmother. If she had a ring on her claw, I could see all of the other animals kissing it in homage! I love the little brats, each one of them! What would my life be without these crazy animals?


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