In awe…

God is so amazingly cool! I look around and I marvel at His wondrous works – I’ll admit, it kind of boggles my mind that people believe that all of this beauty just happened by accident. Take, for instance, the Barreleye fish (Macropinna microstoma).( ) These crazy deep sea creatures have a see-through forehead! What look like eyes on the front of the face are actually the nostrils – the eyes are the large green orbs inside the clear compartment on top of the head! As with most deep-sea creatures, scientists have been aware of them for years, but have rarely seen them. When I look at pictures of them (since you’ll never catch me in the ocean looking at them face-to-face!!), my thoughts first turn to the idea of survival-of-the-fittest. Could this thing really be one of the fittest in the ocean? He looks like the type of fish that got bullied in his school for being different. And there aren’t swarms of them – in fact, the marine biologist who got the most recent pictures of the Barreleye only saw the one, not a whole school. It’s obvious that there are more; there would have to be for reproductive purposes, but they are rather solitary. So, how has this bizarre type of fish survived? More than that, how did it even get started? I personally find it very hard to believe that randmon strings of proteins just happened to fall together in the right pattern to just happen to create this amazing creature. In this Barreleye fish and every other creature, plant, rock, everything, I see the hand of my God. And I am so in awe of all He is and all He does.


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