A New Perspective

The original intent of this blog was to share my thoughts on books, so I thought I should probably actually do that. I was thinking today of my all-time favorite fiction books. I used to tell my students that I feel that a good book keeps your interest, a great book sticks with you long after you’ve finished reading it, and an amazing book changes the way you think about yourself or the world around you. That is what my favorite books did for me – they changed my perspective on the world around me. What are these books I think so highly of? Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. (Learn more about them at http://www.frankperetti.com/) The books are not only intense, action-packed thrillers (which I happen to love reading), they made me think about spiritual warfare – something I had never even begun to consider before reading them and something I have studied more in depth because of them. Peretti’s details sucked me straight into the story; his images are practically burned into my brain. Even though it has been around 15 years (Wow! Really? It doesn’t seem that long ago) since I first read the books, I can still picture some of my favorite scenes – the demon stirring a character’s brain into confusion; the swarm of demons above the lair of evil; the angels guarding the speeding vehicles of the heroes, ensuring their safe delivery and success. It still gives me chills to think about! Not only did I enjoy reading the books, I am thankful for them. I praise God for blessing Peretti with the stories; I thank my best frined, Sherry, for introducing me to them. They have helped me to understand why some people do what they do and behave in such bizarre ways. Even more, they have helped me to deepen my understanding of how I, as a child of God, can best help those who so need the Savior. Thatis what makes an amazing book!


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