It’s a family show!

So, I’m sitting here watching the new version of the A-Team and all I can think about is how much my family loved gathering in the living room to watch this show and others when I was a kid. Certain television shows constituted family time for us – Dad, Marmie, Kricket, Mikey, and I would make ourselves comfortable on the couch, the chair, or the floor (whichever we were lucky enough to snag, although Dad always got the chair!) to watch our favorite shows and laugh, chat, whatever. Of course, we only had one network channel for most of my life (Channel 2 – NBC out of Flagstaff) and occasionally we could get the public access channel out of Prescott! Choice wasn’t part of our TV vocabulary, but at least we didn’t have to fight over the remote (our TV didn’t even have a remote until I was in high school!). Still, we had plenty of great shows to watch. Along with the A-Team, there was Night Court (I’m feeling much better now…), Silver Spoons (Ricky Schroeder!), Family Ties (Alex P. Keaton rocked!), M.A.S.H. (enough said), Knight Rider (KITT was so cool then), Blossom (oh, yeah!), Alf (I loved the little furry, orange cat-eater), Our House (very wholesome), Golden Girls (I can’t believe only Rose Nyland is left), Cheers (Cliff Claven was my favorite), Highway to Heaven (Michael Landon – amazing), Quantum Leap (always wanted to try that), and of course The Cosby Show. I also remember Punky Brewster, My Two Dads, Mama’s Family… I miss that good, wholesome family TV that we had when I was a kid. How blessed we were – never thought I’d say that about TV, but it was much better than 90% of what is there today. Shows that brought my family together – and I love it when the family comes together!


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