Day 2…for what it’s worth!

Okay, so my master list says that I’m supposed to give a bulleted list of what I did during my day. It was more interesting than usual, but still not quite up to even remotely exciting standards!

  • Up at 6 am (Yep, even though I’m not working! My 19-year-old dog gets me up & I’d rather get up to let her out than deal with the consequences!)
  • Took a shower – I know. Shocking, right!?!? What will she do next????
  • Made some coffee in my new Gevalia coffeepot – Mocca Java, yum!
  • Played on Facebook for a bit – had some of the funnest responses to my post yesterday asking friends to lie about how they met me. The creativity was awesome!!
  • Ate a lovely breakfast of hard-boiled egg (whites only – I hate yolks!!!!) and toast. Yes, I deviated from my usual Cheerios (see previous post if you’re confused), but didn’t feel like entertaining the audience today. Only Oliver will beg for anything – although that alone is painful, since he tends to stretch up and grab my arm or leg with his claws!
  • Hitched a ride with mis padres to Grand Junction! It’s nice in some ways – I get to go shopping without having to drive (I get to read). Unfortunately, it’s on my dad’s schedule, so not much actual shopping gets accomplished!
  • Finished a book on the way there (while pausing frequently to keep from getting too car sick – trust me, finishing a book is worth it for me!) – The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory, all about Catherine of Aragon. Very interesting!
  • Went to Barnes & Noble (finally spending my Christmas gift cards – thank you Aunt Jan and Krissy), then Borders – have to hit the book stores while I can. Especially since Borders is going out of business 😦
  • Lunch with my brother Mikey at the Pufferbelly – the closest restaurant to the shop he works in. I treated myself to a hamburger and fries today! Feeling really spoiled and way too full now, though 😦
  • Off to Sam’s Club for some mega packages of toilet paper and V-8 juice – and another book that I couldn’t find at either B&N or Borders…The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker. Have been looking for it forever – so excited to find it!!
  • Started a new book on the way home – Ghost Country by Patrick Lee. It’s already pretty interesting…about Doomsday!
  • Stopped at the grocery store on the way home for creamer (Cinnamon Bun flavor – super yummy!) and more eggs. (I love egg whites, but need to find someone who’ll eat the yolks, besides my dog. Although her coat is VERY shiny!) Saw this hot guy in the store…that’s it, just saw him. Unfortunately there is no great story to finish that up!
  • Now, I’m home. Chillin’, bloggin’, and watching NCIS. Will go do some Wii Fit as soon as the show is over – looking forward to my favorites – the plank, the step, and all the yoga I can do!

Wish my life were more exciting, so you might feel that it is worth reading about, but that’s all there is. Hope that if your day was more exciting (which is most likely) that it was exciting in a good way!


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