Okay, so I know that I skipped posting yesterday, but I had good reason. My puppy, Madigan, was missing. A neighbor stopped by and brought her dogs with her. Before I could get outside, she’d let her one of her dogs out of the car and it charged at Maddie! Well, my not-so-alpha-dog took off running and was so scared she didn’t come back for about 19 hours! It was 3:53 this morning when I saw her finally come trotting up the driveway. I leapt up from the couch where I had been very impatiently waiting and dozing off and on, praying that she was at least safe in God’s hands, threw open the front door, and she tackled me! She was covered in chunks of snow and some cactus, smelled like wet dog and other things I don’t want to know about, but very happy to be home. I praise god He brought her home safely. And I truly think that He led her to find her deer friend. Yes, that is what I meant – deer – she spends a goodly amount of time outside with the local deer all around. This morning, there was a lone two-point buck laying in the yard. He didn’t look familiar, but he wasn’t afraid of me or of Maddie when we went outside. I truly think he brought her home! I know I sound crazy, but I do believe that is what happened. I’m so grateful to my God for all of the creatures His hand hath created and for the peace He gave through His Word yesterday that “In [God’s] hand is the life of every living thing.” (Job 12:10). Grateful!


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