The Greatest Movie of All Time!!

Okay, so back to the list. Day 3 is my favorite movie and of course, I am wise enough to have chosen THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!! The movie that can never fail to make me laugh so hard that I can’t drink anything while watching it for fear that it will spray out of my nose at least once during the show. What movie could I be talking about? Why, need you ask?  Airplane!, of course!!!
I know what you are thinking, “Surely she can’t be serious?”
To that I reply, “I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley!”

Yes, that’s right folks…Airplane! is my favorite. Why you ask? Well, because that movie more than anything led to my drinking problem! 🙂 This movie has been a favorite of mine since I was a little kid (does that tell you anything about my family – this is the type of movie I grew up on! Gotta love it!!) Movies like Airplane! helped to make me who I am today – whether that was a good thing or not we have yet to discover! I could repeat many more of the lines for you now, but I’d rather you just give me Ham on five and hold the Mayo, while I tell you some of my other favorite movies…
#2 on the list is held by the glorious movie, The Princess Bride. I have always wanted a farmboy of my own! (Rodents of Unusual Size for those of you who aren’t blessed with knowledge of the 2nd greatest movie of all time) remind me of high school (Shu, you know who I mean, right??). And one of my dear friends from work even has a “My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill my father. Prepare to die.” T-shirt that I am very jealous of (well, that and his Coen brothers’ shirts)! Great minds and all that!! This movie, like Airplane!, always makes me smile…the best qualification for a great movie in my book!

I could add tons of others – but I’ll limit it to a few more favorites: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (you should love this movie too…or br-r-r-ring me a shrubbery!); Willow (the BEST Val Kilmer film by far!); Pride and Prejudice (the new version with Kiera Knightley, believe it or not); some classics like Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, High Society AND The Philadelphia Story (both, even though they are the same basic story with different actors)…so many more, but I’d better stop there or I might never finish this post. I do so LOVE a good story!


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