Can a Picture Really Sum Me Up? Yeah, Probably!

A picture of me from at least 10 years ago – no problem! Good times, back then – how I took them all for granted 😦 I couldn’t decide what picture best summed me up, so I decided to include a few. Here they are…

I was about 17 adorable months old in this picture. Then, as now, Christmas was one of my favorite times! Family and Presents!!! What better combination could there be??

High School (notice I skipped the awkward elementary/junior high years!) with some of my besties! Back row is Me on the left, Sherry in the middle, and Allison on the right. Front row is Emily on the left, Trisha on the right. Love these ladies! We’re smiling, so this must be quite a while after the whole “spotted owl incident” – you know what I’m talking about (tee, hee) 😉

Okay, I had to put this in, because it is SO me. Plus, it has the added bonus of having my wonderful Aunt Jan in the picture, too! This was the end of my senior year of high school (getting things set up for my sister’s second wedding – yep, she was married twice before I was even out of high school!)

And finally, Sherry and I in college (this was her graduation). I still find it hard to believe that this was taken over 10 years ago!! So much has changed since then!
Such happy memories 🙂 Can’t wait to make more every day!


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