Catching Up

So, I obviously haven’t written anything for a few days. Have been preparing for and helping my mom through foot surgery – Achilles bursitis and calicification. They actually had to detach her Achilles tendon, move it out of the way to clean out behind it, then glue the tendon back in place! Eww! She was supposed to have a responsible adult take her home and stay with her for at leat 24 hours – she got me! Oh, well – close enough!
Anyway, I know that I have a list of things to blog about and I decided to write today about what I think is supposed to be day 6 – what I was lucky enough to eat today! I know – thrilling topic! Hold on…you’re in for a wild one! Okay, so, maybe not. But at least I did cook today…twice!
I started out the day with a break from the usual Cheerios. I made Stuffed French Toast (the healthy version, believe it or not). It’s wonderful! Take some whole grain bread (I used 9-grain) and dip it in your usual French Toast wash (egg, milk, vanilla, cinnamon). Cook thoroughly in a tiny bit of butter. When both sides are done on two pieces, spread in a mix of ricotta, slivered almonds, 2T. of agave nectar (or honey), and fresh fruit (I used blueberries this morning). Finish heating and serve with powdered sugar or syrup. SUPER YUMMY!!
Lunch was simple – canned Tequila Lime Chicken and Rice soup with a small tortilla to dip and a couple of apple slices with cinnamon. Nothing special – just enough.
Dinner was much better 🙂 I made Whole Wheat Farfalle with Chicken Sausage and Broccoli. Mmm, mmm, good and very simple! Blanch some fresh broccoli crowns in boiling, salted water for a few minutes. Pull the broccoli out and cut it into smaller florets. Cook your pasta in the broccoli water. While the pasta is cooking, saute the sausage in 1T. olive oil (after removing the casing and slicing). When the sausage is lightly browned, add some fresh, chopped garlic and red pepper flakes. Cook a bit longer, then add in the broccoli and ~1 cup of chicken broth. Drain the farfalle and add to the chicken and broccoli. Serve with a bit of shredded Italian cheese on top and a lovely salad on the side! Divine!!


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