Light and Darkness

As I woke this morning, my desire to stay curled up in my toasty-warm bed almost outweighed my eagerness to get outside and take a few pictures of the snow. Almost! But when I looked out the window at the piles of fluffy flakes, I knew that nothing would keep me from getting out there…not even the crisp 13° weather that the thermometer promised would greet me.

With my dog, Madigan, and my cat, Smudge, by my side, I trudged through the snow as the sun began to lighten the sky. While I wandered, my mind kept turning back to God’s Word. In 1 John it says that we should walk in the Light, as He is in the Light…because the darkness is passing and the True Light is already shining (NIV). Praise God for His Light. May it shine forth from me to glorify Him.


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