Syzygy…such a fun word!

I’ve always been fascinated by the heavens. My dad used to take us out to watch meteor showers whenever he thought they’d be visible, even driving up to the top of Copper Canyon to get the best view possible. He’d wake us up in the middle of the night and convince us all to bundle up and trot out to the yard for God’s light show. By the time I was in middle school, my sister and brother had already given up on getting up and let me enjoy those special times with my dad all by myself. It was wonderful! One thing I never took the opportunity to do until this morning was to witness a total lunar eclipse. I finally got to see one this morning (and learn a cool word in the process – syzygy means an alignment of three or more celestial objects such as sun, moon, and earth)! Well, at least the first half of an eclipse… I got up nice and early (turns out it was way too early – the info I got off the internet said it would start about 4:30 am my time – liars!) and braved the chilly temps to try and snap a few shots. These are all off-hand…I was way too lazy this morning to dig out and set up ye olde tripod. Unfortunately, living in western Colorado kept me from seeing any more…yet another good reason to go to Australia! But at least I had the chance to witness the majesty of God’s creation and bring back memories of childhood blessings! Great start to my day!!


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