Jesus Calling Devotional Bible, NKJV by Sarah Young

I must begin by saying that the subtitle to this devotional Bible is completely accurate: “Enjoying Peace in His Presence.” As I read through Sarah Young’s (Gen. Ed.) devotions, interspersed throughout this NKJV translation of the Holy Scriptures, I felt myself relaxing into His Word. I’ll admit, it was a bit strange at first trying to get used to reading these messages which are written from Christ’s perspective. But, paired with the prayers (or diary entries as I thought of them – so poignant and so very relevant; like someone wrote down my thoughts while I wasn’t looking) and God’s Word, these readings made it feel like I was just sitting down and having a conversation with Him. Reading some of my favorite passages, I found His Word coming to life for me in a new way as I read the devotional messages alongside them. One of my favorite pieces of this devotional Bible is the section entitled, “When Your Heart Longs for Help” – a topical index which leads you to devotions tailored to what you are feeling/facing and Biblical passages to help strengthen you and give you His peace. The “Jesus Calling Devotional Bible” is a blessing and an excellent tool for anyone desiring a closer relationship with the Lord.


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