Mortal (Books of Mortals #2) by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

Mortal is the second book in the Books of Mortals series by amazing authors, Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee. The series begins with a prequel (a very short story in ebook format that you can find free online) called “The Keeper,” builds up the story in the first book, Forbidden, and continues the ride in Mortal. It sends you about 500 years into the future to a dystopian world where everyone is walking around dead – yes, dead! They do not know life, because they have all been infected by a virus which strips them of all emotion, except fear. Their lives are completely ruled by fear (even those of the government, the Order) until one man, Rom Sebastian, uncovers a secret that changes his life forever. He learns that there is one young boy out there who is destined to bring life back to the world.
In Mortal, we pick up nine years after the end of Forbidden, where Rom and the other Mortals are preparing to bring that boy to power. Things don’t quite go as planned, as they face all sorts of unforeseen obstacles from infighting to unexpected appearances to actual war (which hasn’t been seen for more than 500 years). Rom does his best to stand firm while things crumble around him, sure that the ultimate task is to help Jonathan become the sovereign, though that dream seems to be quickly slipping away from them.
I was so blessed to have the opportunity to meet Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee on their book tour for Mortal – they were so gracious, they chatted with everyone, took pictures with everyone, and genuinely seemed interested in being there and meeting us! While I enjoyed the books before this, their attitudes while we were chatting, their sincerity, brought a new dimension to my reading of the second book. I loved this book – it was intense, full of twists and excitement, and so seamlessly written, I couldn’t tell where Dekker’s writing ended and Lee’s began or vice versa. Beautifully done, fabulous imagery, worth a second (or third or fourth…) read!
I can’t wait for Dekker’s Sanctuary to come out in October and Lee’s Iscariot in February! And, of course, the final installment of the Books of Mortals, Sovereign, will be out next June! I’m looking forward to some seriously good reading in the next year!!!


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