Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee

I must admit, I had not heard of Tosca Lee before reading Forbidden (Book #1 of the Books of Mortals series by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee). I had no idea waht she’d written outside of the Books of Mortals. I happened across a description of Havah on and thought it sounded interesting, but had not been able to find it in any of the stores near where I live. So, her work just kind of slipped my mind. However, when I met Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee on their book tour for Mortal, Dekker asked if I’d ever read any of her books. His question renewed my interest and I started looking as soon as I got home. I managed to find one copy of Demon: A Memoir in my local Hastings Book Store. I was so excited!
I started reading as soon as I got home and could not stop. Demon is the story of a book editor/unsuccessful author, Clay, who meets a man calling himself Lucian, claiming to be a demon, and announcing, “I’m going to tell you my story and you are going to write it down and publish it.” Clay’s life is never the same and neither was mine!
Demon is a fascinating look at the other side of the story – what existence is like for a fallen angel. It’s a story of rebellion and creation, of damnation and redemption, of jealousy and awesome love. A book not to be missed. No matter what you believe (or don’t believe, yet), Demon will make you rethink it all (in a good way!).

“So few books rattle me to the core yet lift my hopes to the heavens in the same breath. Tosca Lee’s Demon: A Memoir is a rare find that must be read.”
Ted Dekker, New York Times best-selling author


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