Made to Last by Melissa Tagg


When Miranda Woodruff was hired to do her own home improvement show, she let everyone, including her audience, know just how much her husband had taught her. The only problem? She wasn’t married! Her fiancé left her after taping had begun, and it was just too late to turn back. Now that her show is on the rocks, her manager has an idea to pump some life back into the show – parade her “husband” around for all, especially the media, to see. They convince one of the show’s caterers, the goofy Blaze, to act like the devoted hubby. But, complications ensue when Matthew, a handsome reporter, is lined up to shadow Miranda and her “husband” all over. Miranda will have to face up to her past and admit to her present before she can finally build a life that’s Made to Last.

Melissa Tagg’s inspirational romance, Made to Last, is a sweet story of God’s grace in the midst of human mistakes. Miranda’s past haunts her, leading her to continue making poor choices in her present. She is stuck in that downward spiral that so many of us find ourselves in – knowing that our choices are driving us further from God, yet afraid that we’re already so far away, He just can’t reach us. Yet, through the story, Miranda finally comes to realize that God is always right there, all it takes is her making the one right choice – to turn to Him, lean on His grace, and follow His will. That one right turn can fix any wrong turns.

My only big complaint had nothing (I hope) to do with the writing, but with the formatting of the ebook. Every (and I do mean EVERY) word that contained a double-f, was missing said double letters. So, for example, the word “off,” appeared as merely “o.” Occasionally, words would have a letter or two on either side of the double-f missing as well (such as “office” only showing “oce”). I spent the first half of the book believing the main character’s last name was “Woodru.” It made it a bit difficult to enjoy when I had to spend so much time deciphering part-words. I truly hope that this issue is (or already has been) resolved.

Otherwise, it was a very enjoyable read. 🙂

I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my very own!


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