Rebellious Heart by Jody Hedlund


Most women in 1760s Massachusetts are only interested in making good marriages and caring for their families and homes. Yet even more than a good marriage and family, Susanna Smith desires to learn alongside her brother and keep her mind engaged. But Susanna was raised to follow the rules, whether those rules were established by her minister father, her prim mother, or their British rulers. But when she comes across a runaway indentured servant, Susanna has to decide what God would want her to do: help someone less fortunate, as her mother always taught her or obey the British rulers, even though their rules are harmful to others. She soon determines that helping others should always take precedence, but learns that she can’t do it all on her own. When Susanna enlists the help of local lawyer/secret Colonial smuggler, Benjamin Ross, to help protect the slave, throws her deeper into both unwanted rebellion and romance. Ben appreciates her quick mind and beauty, but doesn’t want to fall for her, since his goal is to marry a woman who will improve his standing in the community. Susanna and Ben must both learn to trust that God will lead and protect them if they walk in His will.

Rebellious Heart is a lovely tale full of history, romance, and intrigue from bestselling author Jody Hedlund. I love a good historical novel and this one certainly fits the bill. Full of rich detail and just enough Romeo-and-Juliet-like romance to keep you crossing your fingers that things will work out, this story makes you want to continue reading. I really enjoyed this read and would certainly recommend it to all lovers of historical fiction.

I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes from Bethany House Publishers. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my very own!


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