A Lady’s Honor by Laurie Alice Eakes


Elizabeth (Elys) Trelawny doesn’t want to marry the marquess her parents have chosen for her; she longs for love and freedom, not social status. So she escapes to the only place she’s ever known those feelings – her grandparents’ estate in Cornwall. On her way, however, she meets a stranger who both helps to keep her from the clutches of the marquess and changes her perspective on life. Elys must learn what is really important in life before she can truly discover the freedom and love she longs for.

A Lady’s Honor is a pleasant story of love versus greed, with some mystery and enough action to keep the story moving swiftly. Elys is searching for the freedom that comes from the unconditional love of Jesus, but doesn’t have any examples of that love in her own social circle. Her parents care nothing for God, only for ambition and social power. The marquess her parents want her to marry only loves her dowry, as do most of the men she was introduced to in her London seasons. Her grandparents claim to be followers of Jesus, but they are willing to turn their backs on their grandchildren, if those grandchildren have displeased them. The stranger, Rowan, claims to be doing all he can to follow God’s will, but she has been deceived by men’s claims of love before. She must learn that humans are weak creatures, that honor – as defined by society – is not worth hurting others for, and that only by following God will she ever find what she needs.

It is a nice book to curl up with on a snowy spring weekend.

I was given a free copy of this book from the BookLook Blogger Review program. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my very own!


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