The Fifth Vertex by Kevin Hoffman


Urus has never had it easy – he can’t even kill himself properly. But when his home kingdom is threatened, Urus finds there’s much more to him than just a deaf, shunned, lonely young man. When he accidentally joins with a group of disparate souls, determined to fight the evil that is attempting to destroy their entire world, he finds his true purpose.

As a member of Net Galley, I get the random newsletter about titles I might want to check out. That was how I discovered this new YA Fantasy series, The Sigilord Chronicles, and I’m pretty glad I gave it a shot. The Fifth Vertex is book 1, and it sucks you right into a wonderfully conceived world full of magic and adventure. I especially enjoyed the idea that, though it was a fantastic world, magic was not part of everyone’s life – made for an interesting twist that many characters didn’t even believe in magic. The Fifth Vertex was fascinating and creative. I would recommend this to middle and high school students and anyone who really enjoys fantasy.

**Note, however, that since the story is about a war, there is a bit of violence (though no more than your average cartoon or superhero movie these days), just in case you are sensitive about the amount of violence your YA reader is taking in.

**Also note that this is not a Christian novel, so if you are looking for a Christian YA recommendation, this is not the book (it’s not foul, by any means, though, but it doesn’t have any Biblical or Christian themes to it, as books I review normally do).


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