Golden Daughter by Anne Elisabeth Stengl


Sairu is a Golden Daughter – raised by the emperor’s sister to be both desirable and deadly, prepared to protect whomever is chosen for her. When she agrees to take charge of a favored Dream Walker, the Lady Hariawan, Sairu has no idea the challenges she will face. But with her treasured lion dogs (Dumpling, Rice Cake, and Sticky Bun), a mysterious and handsome slave, and an unusual orange and white cat by her side, Sairu will face dangers both real and fantastic to find the destiny she could never have dreamed she was meant for.

Wowzers! I mean, seriously, wow! Anne Elisabeth Stengl has definitely done it again. This seventh (yes, 7th!!) book in the Tales of Goldstone Wood is probably my favorite so far. I never thought I’d say that, but I really enjoyed Golden Daughter and did not want it to end. As always, Stengl’s writing is tremendously lyrical and her world is so well-conceived as to feel very real. Her new characters are so exquisitely crafted that I couldn’t help but cheer for them (even the bad guys at times!), and those who have returned from previous Tales feel like old friends (I absolutely adore Sir Eanrin and was so happy when he made his appearance!!). I am consistently amazed at how well-woven the Tales of Goldstone Wood are and how deftly Stengl links the stories together, even though each can stand completely on its own. She’s a master, and I bow to her talent!

*Special Note: While the stories can stand on their own, the Goldstone Wood novella, Goddess Tithe, does go along with Golden Daughter (it actually comes before). You can find any of Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Tales of Goldstone Wood on Amazon (and I would highly recommend that you do! In fact, if you click on either of the pictures, they will take you right to Amazon).


And at this time I have to take a moment to give a huge THANK YOU to Anne Elisabeth Stengl for graciously participating twice a year (Spring and Fall) in the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt. I was the very blessed winner of a signed copy of Golden Daughter! Such a wonderful treat! Thank you, thank you!


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