Win to Give Contest!

Want a great book for yourself and someone else?? Check out this contest from the amazing Sherry Rossman. Wishing you all a blessed and peaceful celebration of the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas!!! (P.S. – My review of the book will be up soon. I’m currently savoring it…)


On the original Christmas day, mankind was given a gift. Although it was the greatest gift, it tends to get forgotten when thoughts of reindeer and shopping take center stage. God’s gift is meant to be shared, so I try to do things to remind myself of that. This week, you have a chance to give and receive.

I’m going to gift a digital copy of Faith Seekers to two people. What do you have to do? First, go get a copy for yourself at Storycartel. You can download that, read it, and if you feel like it, post a review on amazon. It’s free! For the two people who win, they get to choose someone they love to receive the gift copy. The winners (givers, really) will also get their names in my next book (good guys, I promise).


So if you want to play, go get your…

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