Faith Seekers by Sherry Rossman


Hannah and her family have been forced to give up their stable, middle-class American existences to live campground to campground in an RV, and she feels as if the golden promises of her country have let her down, or as her dad says, “failed them into nomads.” Now, on top of everything else, she’s starting to see things. Is she going crazy or is God trying to open her eyes to more than her simple, worldly problems?

For a debut novel, this is beautiful! I was struck by the lyrical nature of the writing – so full of figurative language and artistic imagery as to be almost poetic. Some of the lines have stuck in my head and become a part of me (for example, “Rose dug into her purse and pulled out a handful of chocolate kisses. She handed them out like they were prayers.” Emphasis added because I love that!) It was reminiscent of a Tosca Lee novel.

Because of the lyrical nature, you really need to get into the rhythm of the writing, which is occasionally like free-form jazz – the beat changes unexpectedly and scenes can be a bit staccato. But, like Hannah’s new life, that’s all part of the atmosphere. Soak it in and hang on, because the ride gets pretty exciting.

Ultimately, this is a marvelous testament to the things that really matter in life: faith in God and the blessing of family and friends. I most definitely recommend Faith Seekers.

Disclaimer: Okay, I admit, the author has been my dearest friend since we were about three, but even if that weren’t the case, my review would be the same. She asked for honesty and that’s what I have given. 🙂

Whew…I don’t know about you, but these past few weeks have been crazy! Yet, I feel like I haven’t really gotten anything done. Here’s to hoping that 2015 starts off (and stays!) calmer and more peaceful, both at home and all over the world. God bless you all!


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