Of One Tongue by Willow Dressel


It’s been more than one hundred years since God sent the Great Flood, and humanity is swiftly sinking back into their old ways. Man has built a city on the plain of Shinar with a tower that reaches to the sky, so they can make a name for themselves. Yet some faithful followers of God, including Nabella and her family, still hold out from moving to the city, remembering God’s command after the Flood to fill the entire earth. These faithful few must stay strong against the evil that their fellow men have chosen to believe and face physical dangers as they search for Noah’s son, Shem, and the knowledge of Truth he holds.

Of One Tongue is the debut novel of biologist/creation scientist Willow Dressel. Not only was the story quite interesting, the characters and action were credibly constructed and maintained. The head evil guy, Ra’anel, is such an embodiment of the typical human – convincing himself, and everyone he can, that God is only there to make humans suffer, so we shouldn’t listen to Him; we should worship things will bring us pleasure – I could easily picture him with faces of people in the world today.

I’ve always wondered why, so soon after God made His covenant with Noah, mankind had turned away from God and ignored His commands, so He had to confuse their language and spread them out. Dressel presented a notion that I’d never considered – the believable possibility that the people who built the tower of Babel believed that God was the Creator, but that He had left them alone after the Flood, so they had to turn to the worship of other deities.

And I appreciated Dressel’s unashamed incorporation of so much biblical Truth into her story – everything from biblical characters, like Nimrod and Shem, to biblical creatures, like the dragons/dinosaurs. The vast amount of research she integrated into the story was truly impressive – check out the appendices!

While not perfect, Dressel’s debut novel shows a lot of promise for future stories that I look forward to both enjoying and learning from. I would recommend you grab a copy of Of One Tongue.

Many thanks to NetGalley and First Edition Design Publishing for the free copy of this novel for review purposes. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my very own!


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