Trial Run by Thomas Locke


From the publisher: “Reese Clawson’s work is mind-bending–literally. Her company specializes in global data analysis for an elite group of industry executives, and now a lucrative government contract is moving her into the realm of cutting-edge intelligence gathering. She is determined to crack the limits of consciousness–and in doing so, the boundaries of secrets and lies. But her experiment crashes as test subjects slide into a coma-like state. Reese is left scrambling to maintain control, drawing three disparate people into the search for answers–an adrenaline-amped thrill junkie with altered brain chemistry, an Italian scientist working on remote-viewing technology, and a math prodigy whose algorithms subvert computer encryption.

“Will this piecemeal team prevail when a government operative is sent to investigate? As the threads of perception and reality become tangled and even time itself twists in unexpected directions, one warning remains clear: what you don’t know can kill you.

“With a concept so daring and writing so gripping, readers will swiftly fall under the spell of Thomas Locke’s endlessly creative mind. This thrilling psychological journey into the very nature of causation and consciousness will leave them turning the pages and grasping for solid ground.”

I’ve read Thomas Locke before (recently, the Legends of the Realm series), and I’ve read his more prolific alter ego, Davis Bunn, as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed every book of his I’ve read, and Trial Run is no exception. The plot is fast-paced, packed with intense moments. It reminded me of a Michael Crichton novel with its questioning of limits of science, the value to place on morality, and the importance of faith, and how they all intertwine. It was smoothly written, and I was immediately sucked into the world of the Fault Lines series.

Trial Run is definitely on my “read it again” list, that’s how much I enjoyed it! I’d highly recommend you check it out. *Note: there is also a prequel (Double Edge) that is free from Amazon, and the second book in the series is called Flash Point, which is on my “to read” list. 🙂


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