A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes


If you knew what day you would die, how would you live? Parvin Blackwater’s clock says that she has just one year left on her life. She feels that she’s  wasted the first seventeen  years of her life, so Parvin is determined to make this last one count. She wants to rescue Radicals from being sent to their deaths by the corrupt government system. But when her plans get her sent through the Wall, Parvin must first survive before she can begin to help others back home.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I began this book. It sounded so interesting when I saw it in the bookstore at the RealmMakers Conference in July, and it turned out to be so much more than merely interesting. From the very first line (“There once was a time when only God knew the day you’d die.”) to the cliffhanger-ish ending, A Time to Die doesn’t slow down, nor does it let you down. Absolutely stuffed with intensity, from the thoroughly fleshed characters to the intricately drawn story world to the plot that keeps you wanting more, Brandes’ début novel is extraordinary.

It is so much more than just a great story, too. It’s a fictional, yet at the same time personal, journey of self-discovery. Parvin ask questions of herself and God that we all find ourselves asking at some point in our lives… what’s my purpose? Am I wasting my life? What do You want me to do? Are You even here, God? And within this tapestry of fiction, Brandes deftly braids silky strands of Truth for us all to weave into our own stories.

My heart soared and plummeted; I smiled and I cried; I did not want the book to end! So, it’s a very good thing to know that this is only the first book in the series!



The second book, A Time to Speak, is available through major retailers. And the final book, A Time to  Rise, will be released in just a few weeks (October  14th)! atimetorise_6_29


For more info, check out Nadine Brandes’ website (click here 😊). And, in all seriousness, pick up a copy. It is so worth a read (or two or three!).


My  most  hearty thanks to Nadine Brandes for the copy of this book for review purposes. She didn’t ask for a positive review, but I so thoroughly enjoyed it, I can’t praise it enough! 😁


4 thoughts on “A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes

  1. Have you picked up A time to Speak yet? that one is absolutely my favorite of the 3 (reading the 3rd right now) I also did a review of A Time To Die. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I totally agree, the questions that Parvin asks throughout the book are so relatable to everyone, so thought provoking. Those are the kind of books I love to read, books that make you think beyond the story, that make you think about life
    Here’s my review


    • I haven’t had a chance to read A Time to Speak yet, but I’m so looking forward to it (even more with the recommendation!). Thanks for the link to your wonderful review. Have a blessed day! 🙂


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