The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble


Orphaned as infants, Clara – brought by a stork, Maren – found in a seashell, and O’Neill – left under an apple tree, have always known their lives were not particularly ordinary. Clara and Maren live on Llanfair Mountain with Auntie Verity, a lovely woman who tells stories almost as well as she mixes herbal remedies. O’Neill travels the land with Scarff, selling fantastical tales and the goods that go with them. But when Clara notices that her sister, Maren, has begun to change, to grow iridescent scales and long for the ocean, Clara and O’Neill must set out on a wild adventure to save Maren by taking her to the sea. Beset by troubles, Clara and O’Neill worry that it will be too late for Maren. And through it all Clara wonders, “If my sister is a mermaid, then what am I?”

What a remarkable story! The instant I saw this book, I knew I wanted to read it, so I treated myself to a copy. Then, it won two awards at the RealmMakers conference – the Genre Award for Young Adult Literature and the first ever Realm Award for overall awesomeness (my description of the award)! And it definitely is fantastic!

The characters are wonderfully unique, yet she draws them so well, they are familiar and comfortable to be with at the same time. Even her villains are multi-layered and intriguing. Absolutely magical, for young adults and the forever young-at-heart! Grab yourself a copy, snuggle up with some hot black tea with honey and cinnamon (Spoiler Alert!! Make sure you make the tea yourself!!), and dive into Carrie Anne Noble’s lovely tale. I most highly recommend it.

And, seriously, now I want my own Osbert the wyvern. Where can I get one?????


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