The Book of Things to Come by Aaron D. Gansky


For years, Laurel has dreamed of a fantasy world she calls Alrujah–a place where she imagines herself to be the beautiful girl she doesn’t see herself as in her real life, where she doesn’t have to spend her days playing second fiddle to her “perfect” little sister or arguing with her mom. Laurel has written so much about this land and its people that it seems almost real to her. Her genius best friend, Oliver, has even taken her ideas and turned them into a video game. But when she wakes to find that she, Oliver, and two other teens from North Chester have been transported to this mythical land, have been somehow sucked into their own game, Laurel and Oliver will have to use all of their knowledge of Alrujah and all of their skills to find a way to get them back home.

I could not put this one down! The Book of Things to Come is fast-paced and well-written. The story is beautifully composed with a perfect score of detail and emotion. And while the characters are teenagers, this book is definitely not just for young adults (although, I’m quite sure they’d enjoy it, too!).

This is one I highly recommend for Christian fantasy lovers. You will most definitely enjoy getting sucked into Alrujah alongside Lauren and Oliver!

Bonus review (because I couldn’t wait to share!):


The Blood Sword, book two of the Hand of Adonai series, finds Laurel, Oliver, Aiden, and Erica all still battling the evil forces of Alrujah to get to the Book of Sealed Magic before the Mage Lord does; and it finds Bailey Renee still searching for her sister. When these two worlds collide, will the Hand of Adonai prevail or be severed by the Blood Sword?

I thought book one was great, but I enjoyed book two just as much, if not more! The action does not stop and the characters grow in depth and complexity.

Definitely grab a copy! These books will draw you in and lead you to a greater understanding of the power of God to accomplish all things, even changing the hearts of those who have denied Him. Absolutely fabulous!


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