The Healer’s Rune by Lauricia Matuska


From the book: “Three hundred years after a great war shattered the Council of Races, the warriors of Rüddan have all but eradicated their cousins, the faerie Aethel. In so doing, they decimated the Dryht sages and enslaved mortal Humanity. Now a young voice with a dangerous secret calls her people to rebel. Young Sabine, one of the Human slaves, must overcome centuries of lies and prejudice to forge an alliance among four enemy races. But what chance does Sabine have when her very existence threatens the planet?”

This is a superbly told tale – full of magic and mystery. Sabine is wonderfully realistic: she doesn’t always make the right choices or see the big picture, or think before she acts, but that’s what makes her so relatable and interesting.

And the story itself is well-imagined and gracefully plotted. I so enjoyed The Healer’s Rune that I found myself waking in the middle of the night (on vacation, mind you), grabbing my Kindle, and reading some more, just so I could see what would happen to Sabine next! And now I have to wait for the next book in the Ceryn Roh saga…


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