King’s Blood by Jill Williamson


As the Kinsman Chronicles continue, we find the remnants of the Five Realms afloat, sailing and searching for a new land to call home, following the utter destruction of Armania, Sarikar, Rurekau, Tenma, and Magonia during the Woes. Wilek Sar Hadar, the prince and heir of Armania is doing everything he can to keep the fleet going and keep them sane as they travel with no land in sight and his father ailing more every day. But forces are always working against Wilek, especially now that he has forsaken traditional Armanian pantheistic religion and turned to the worship of the One God, Arman. Will the new land they search for bring them the safety and security they all long to find? Miss Onika’s prophecy of the Woes came to pass, so what about the prophecy of the Deliverer? Will this Deliverer save the followers of Arman from the evil that is set against them?

This is epic Christian fantasy at its finest. Jill Williamson is a master at world building (and she should be, since she literally wrote a book on it!), and the Kinsman Chronicles showcases her skill beautifully. Once you get involved in this saga, you don’t want to leave the world of the Five Realms. Adventure, romance, terror, joy, magic, truth…these stories are bursting with dramatic detail and intense emotion that keep you turning pages long after you should really be asleep if you want to function the next day.

You should note that this is the second novel in the series. Could you read this without reading the first novel? Sure, but you probably won’t understand all that the characters are undergoing and talking about without the background of the first novel. Also, both novels can be purchased as three separate e-novellas each (for Book One, King’s Folly, the novellas are “Darkness Reigns,” “The Heir War,” and “The End of All Things;” for Book Two, King’s Blood, the novellas are “Kingdom at Sea,” “Maelstrom,” and “Voices of Blood”), but I’d recommend you grab a copy of the whole shebang and dive in. It’s so worth the read! I’m very much looking forward to the third installment.

And, on a side note, I absolutely loved the inclusion of characters named after other Christian  speculative fiction authors! Every time I read one of their names, I just had to smile 🙂

Many thanks to Bethany House and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this novel. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my very own! 🙂


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