Rothana Blog Tour!

Today I’m so excited to be a part of the blog tour for Sarah Delena White’s second installment in her Star-Fae Trilogy, Rothana!

About the book:

A new queen falls. A death lord rises. An ancient foe loomsin the shadows.

Sylvie Imanthiya is desperate to lead Faeriewell and deepen the bond with her husband, former king Taylan Ashkalabek. Butall hope of that vanishes when the winter solstice ceremony ends in disaster,stranding her and Taylan in the Deathrealm, and stripping the kingdom from her.

With Faerie in chaos, Zad and Diza are separatedonce again: Zad to reconcile with an old mentor to stabilize the kingdom, andDiza to confront the nefarious Casimir in the mortal realm. But Casimir claimsthat a greater evil seeks to destroy both realms, an evil that Diza’s uniquedeath magic can hold at bay—if she could only remember how.

In the Deathrealm, Taylan is succumbing to thelure of specters from his past, and pushing away Sylvie’s love. Overwhelmed bydecay and darkness, Sylvie must summon unexpected magic from the soul of Kyureto fight for her convictions and her husband’s heart.

Shadows divide them. Their friends are in peril.If Sylvie fails, her marriage and her world will fall.


My review:

My heart barely made it through this book! It was packed so full of emotion, so fraught with action, that it kept me reading well past my bedtime. 

The characters we met in Halayda gained so much more depth and fullness in Rothana, and I grew to love them and cheer for them even more. I love how Sarah Delena White displayed their weaknesses right alongside their strengths and how she showed the power contained within love and forgiveness.

And the action? Non-stop! I thought Sylvie and the crew had gone through a lot in Halayda, but that was just the warm-up! If the author keeps up this pace, I don’t know how anyone will be able to make it to the end of the trilogy! 🙂 So exciting, yet filled with heart-rending moments of beauty at the same time.

Rothana is a beautiful book, and I’d highly recommend it be the next book you pick up. 🙂

Many, many thanks to Uncommon Universes Press and Laura A. Grace of Unicorn Quester for the advanced copy of this book for review purposes and for allowing me to be a part of this book tour. Congratulations to Sarah Delena White – I hope the third book comes quickly! 😀


And if, for some reason, you need more convincing to want to read Rothana, here’s an excerpt to tempt you:

The world was all wrong.

Maybe it was the pungent incense that burned Sylvie’s nose or the off-kilter beat of the drums. Maybe it was the way every face in the crowd turned toward her, wearing shadowy snarls, as she emerged from the mountain pass onto the banks of the hidden lake.

She gripped Taylan’s arm and drew herself up to her full height as they moved forward with deliberate steps. He was tense beneath her grasp, and his free hand twitched as if eager for his sword. He looked down at her with a brief, reassuring glance before returning his gaze to the crowd.

“You’re leaving a trail of flowers again,” he whispered.

“Drat!” Sylvie looked behind them. Sure enough, thin leaves were springing up in her footsteps, unfurling into blue and yellow blossoms that were bright against the bare ground. She waved her hand toward them, willing them to sink back into the earth. They grew a few inches taller, and she sighed in defeat. “I’m a faerie queen who can’t control my own power. No wonder everyone here is glaring daggers at me.”

“You could always strangle them with vines.” Taylan gave a dark smile.

Sylvie smacked his arm. “Not funny. I’m trying to break the cycle of violence, remember?”

She resisted the urge to chide him further. Taylan had ruled this Court for twelve hundred years before passing his power to her, living every day with the threat of assassination. He’d inherited the kingdom by killing the previous monarch, and even though he’d done so to end a tyrant’s reign, that legacy had followed him through the ages. Faerie took on the qualities of its ruler, as all the magic was ultimately connected to that person.

One more reason why she couldn’t let nerves get the better of her, especially on a festival night. Already the glamour pulsed around her, charged with emotion from the gathered crowd. Every stone in the glade, every overhanging tree limb, every faerie who watched her movements would be a mirror of herself.

A breath of wind sent icy prickles across her skin. She clutched the velvet folds of her cloak and pulled it over her low-cut dress. Taylan looked slightly more comfortable, shrouded in layered black robes. Always black these days.

His gaze was fixed on something beyond the waiting crowd. His posture went rigid.

“Is something wrong?” Sylvie whispered.

He was silent for a moment. “No. It’s nothing.”

Sylvie followed his gaze, but there was nothing but a line of somber evergreen trees.

A group of Maithe nobles twined in a circular dance on the edge of the lake, their steps heavy with the solemnity of the night. It was a dance, not of merrymaking, but of ceremony, to bid farewell to the autumn. Each wore garments like layered leaves in the icy hues of winter, and their long golden hair was bound in intricate braids. They swayed to the beat of the drums, lost in the rhythm of their dance… except for their eyes, which fixed on Sylvie in challenge.

A flash of red caught her attention. Zad and Diza spun along the outskirts of the dance, Diza’s fiery hair flying loose behind her. Zad’s eyes were filled with deep admiration and affection as he watched his wife. Diza let out a laugh as they whirled, though there was a hollowness to the sound. Zad leaned down and whispered something in her ear, and the couple slipped away from the dance and strolled around the edge of the crowd, hands poised above the weapons hidden in their fine clothing.

On the other side of the dance, General Sidika stood on the bank of the lake, her arms folded and her watchful gaze on the festival-goers. Sidika never danced.

Sylvie shivered as she turned back to Taylan.

“What’s wrong?” Taylan asked, leaning down and brushing his cheek against hers.

“Everything.Except us.” She lifted her chin, meeting his lips. His kiss sent fire throughher, and she clutched his arms, fingers digging into his silk robes as if hemight slip from her grasp. “Come on, let’s get this over with.”


I know, right?!?!

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Join Uncommon Universes Press and Laura A. Grace of Unicorn Quester to celebrate the launch of Rothana by Sarah Delena White! Includes games, giveaways, exclusive behind-the-scenes, and more. Also features guest authors Bethany A. Jennings and Morgan L. Busse. Save the date to hang out with these fabulous authors!


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  1. Ahhh I LOVED your review of Rothana so much! 😀 I definitely agree that it was packed with emotion. Soooo many feels! I’m definitely looking forward to book three (though I read in an interview today that she is currently working on a prequel *squeals*)!

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