The Assault by Myers, Peretti, Hunt, & Gansky


From the publisher: “The Next Wave of Stories in the Harbingers Series Arrives

Cycle 2 of the Harbingers series continues the story of four gifted strangers brought together to fight a growing darkness.

In Bill Myers’s “The Revealing,” the team finds themselves in Rome trying to retrieve the mystical spear Hitler once owned–the very spear that pierced Christ’s side. This task will take them from hidden chambers inside the Vatican to a mysterious seaside cave with powers they could never expect.

Frank Peretti’s “Infestation” unleashes a microscopic evil on the world that deceives, blinds, kills, then spreads. The Harbingers team must confront a monster bent on seducing and destroying mankind.

In “Infiltration” by Angela Hunt, the team is wounded and barely holding together. Forced to split up, they realize their investigations have led them into dangerous waters.

Alton Gansky’s “The Fog” unleashes a supernatural mist unlike any other. There are vicious things in the fog that kill whatever they find. One team member realizes that the ultimate sacrifice may have to be made.”

My Review:

Apparently 4+4=1. Because just as in the first book of the Harbingers Cycle, Myers, Peretti, Hunt, and Gansky have managed to take four major characters, throw them into four separate scenarios, and weave them all together to make for one interesting book. Their premise from the beginning still holds true: to write stories that can work together as a whole novel, yet that individually feel like you’re sitting down to watch an action-packed TV show on the Syfy Channel or something.

Although I enjoyed all of the stories, my favorite of the group this time was Alton Gansky’s “The Fog.” Creepy, tension-filled, making me wonder the whole time what was really going on…he managed to pack a lot into a novella. It could be because “Tank” is the character that I enjoy most, but I think it had a lot more to do with Gansky’s writing: tightly-woven and chock-full of excitement.

If you enjoyed the first of the Harbingers Cycle, you’ll really enjoy this installment. If you haven’t yet read book 1, grab it, read it, then dive into this one (although, you don’t absolutely have to read the first book to enjoy this one)!

Many thanks to Bethany House for the free copy of this book for review purposes. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my very own! 🙂



Invitation by Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, & Alton Gansky


From the book: “Four strangers with gifts they don’t understand. A world falling into darkness. This is Harbingers.

“You’re invited on a journey of suspense and the supernatural as four of your favorite bestselling authors team up for a unique series.

“From the minds of Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky, Invitation compiles the first four episodes of HARBINGERS, each following a different character.

  • Brenda — the street hustling tattoo artist who sees images of the future
  • The Professor — the atheist ex-priest ruled by logic
  • Andi — the professor’s brilliant but geeky assistant who sees inexplicable patterns
  • Tank — the naïve, big-hearted jock with a surprising connection to healing power

“Brought together for the first time in “The Call,” the four soon realize pockets of darkness are emerging throughout the world. Whether it involves a mysterious house, the unexplainable death of animals around the world, or an otherworldly little girl, each puzzle they solve brings them closer to the ultimate explanation of what’s happening. But will they discover the truth in time?”

The idea of this series of collected novellas is wonderful: as they explain in the introduction, this group of author friends wanted to write engaging stories that could be read in one to two sittings. They see it as a kind of game for authors. Each author writes from the perspective of one of the four main characters, and each story builds off of the one before it. The stories are all unique, but work so well together.

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, but altogether pretty darn cool, and I’d seriously recommend you pick up a copy of Invitation, HARBINGERS Cycle #1, as soon as possible. Happy reading!

Many thanks to Bethany House for the copy of this novel. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my very own! 🙂

Delilah: Treacherous Beauty by Angela Hunt


You know the Bible story: Samson, judge of Israel, falls in love with Delilah, who then betrays him to his enemies, the Philistines. While the Bible tells us the basics, you have to know that there is more to this story: who was Delilah, where did she come from, and why would she betray Samson?

Angela Hunt does a marvelous job of remaining faithful to the events laid out in the Bible while filling in possible details of what could be the truth behind the story of Samson and Delilah. Instead of portraying Delilah as the traditional evil woman out to destroy Israel, Hunt gives her a plausible back story and realistic motives for what she did. She also manages to make Samson more than just the strongman of Israel.

And beyond that, Hunt’s writing brings to life the Holy Land during the 1100s B.C. and fills it with a cast of flawed, yet empathetic characters. It is simply a great story made greater by Angela Hunt’s talent.

I highly recommend you grab a copy. And while you are at it, don’t forget that there are two other novels in the series (Esther: Royal Beauty and Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty).

Many thanks to Bethany House Publishers for the free copy of this novel for review purposes. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my very own!! 🙂

Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty by Angela Hunt


Most everyone knows the Biblical story…the beautiful Bathsheba catches the eye of King David, who then commits one sin after another in his quest to have her for his own. Yet, there is much, much more to this story. After all, the Bible doesn’t tell us many details, let alone Bathsheba’s side of the drama.

For that, we are lucky to have Angel Hunt, who has created a beautifully researched and tenderly composed version of Bathsheba’s story. Hunt takes you into the world of Jerusalem around 1000 BC, makes you feel as though you are there, standing beside Bathsheba as she experiences the tragedies and joys that comprised her life.

I must say I appreciated Hunt’s approach to the tale, giving her readers a look at what may have been Bathsheba’s early years and her life before David changed everything for her. But it didn’t end there: Hunt also continues Bathsheba’s story throughout all of the years she spent in David’s palace. It was definitely the most comprehensive version of Bathsheba’s tale I’ve ever read.

More than that, Hunt also interspersed chapters which let us look through the prophet Nathan’s eyes. I was fascinated at her take on how God delivered His messages to Nathan and at Nathan’s reactions to those messages. Wonderfully done!

Over the years, I’ve read several versions of Bathsheba’s story. There is now no doubt that Angela Hunt’s Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty is my favorite rendition, so far. It sent me through the gamut of emotions, from big smiles to want-to-smack-someone to even a few tears in my eyes – that shows me that Hunt did a beautiful job with this story. I’d highly recommend you pick up a copy (and check out the first book in this Dangerous Beauty series – Esther: Royal Beauty).

Many thanks to Bethany House Publishers for the free copy of this book for review purposes. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my very own!