Fairyeater by Pam Halter

I’m so excited to kick off the blog tour for the launch of Pam Halter’s Fairyeater. Let’s start by checking out the absolutely gorgeous cover…


Beautiful (and just creepy enough to make you want to know what’s going on), right??

And now, a little about the book:

All fifteen-year-old Akeela has ever wanted is an ordinary family who will love her. But the only mother she has ever known is the old hag, Krezma, who berates her night and day. Why did the old woman even take her in?

But Krezma knows her charge is no ordinary child. She can see the auras surrounding living things and can communicate with fairies. And the birthmark on her palm reveals a secret Krezma must hold close for the child’s safety.

A secret that the witch, Tzmet, hunts for night and day, drying and eating fairies for the power they contain. When Akeela discovers her fate lies in being the next Fairy Guardian, all hope for an ordinary life dissipates like the dreams they were. She must protect the fairies from the witch—and an even darker power that threatens them all.

Akeela is unwillingly thrust into an adventure that will not end until she decides to accept her fate and give up on her dream.

Maybe even her life.

Here’s my review of Fairyeater:

This book. Wow! I was entranced by the unique and utterly imaginative twist on the traditional fairy story. And the feels!?! Pam Halter has a beauty of a first novel here.

Her characterization is so rich. I loved how each different group (Acadians, dwarves, etc.) had their own dialect and their own idioms. And they weren’t overdone or overly complicated, but instead brought the characters so much more depth and a sense of “realness” that made me love them all the more.

And the plot was fascinating, filled with excitement and love and adventure and heartbreak and danger and all the things that make a great story. I appreciated the lessons learned by the characters as they went along, and I loved that the story reminds us that good versus evil is not always the whole story, but that we all have shades of gray that we need to face in order to find our true selves and face our fears.

You should read this book. In fact, I’d highly recommend you do just that. Pre-order it today, so you can start reading it as soon as it is released to touch the world with its wonder and beauty on Thursday (October 25, 2018)!

Many thanks to L2L2 Publishing for allowing me to be part of this blog tour and for the free digital copy of the book for review purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my very own! 🙂

Fairyeater Blog Tour Mock-Up

Don’t forget to stop by each of the blog tour stops over the next few days:

Want to know more about Pam Halter?? Check her out on social media…

Website: www.pamhalter.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pam.halter.5

Twitter: www.twitter.com/PamHalter

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/pamhalter5

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/1916337.Pam_Halter

Amazon Author: www.amazon.com/Pam-Halter/e/B001HPDNEC

Purchase Link (L2L2 website):


Facebook Launch Party Link:

Again many, many thanks to L2L2 Publishing for letting me be a part of this blog tour and help celebrate the launch of such a wonderful book! And congrats to Pam for what promises to be a fascinating series! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Fairyeater by Pam Halter

  1. Michele Israel Harper says:

    Thank you for this amazing review! You stated exactly why I love this story so much, better than I ever could. Thank you! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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